What is Medi-Cal Long Term Care

The California medical assistance program or Medi-Cal is a Medicaid program created by the California Department of Health Care Services for a wide variety of different California residents. Understanding Medi-Cal can be difficult to understand at times. Medi-Cal is a supplemental program designed to help with the cost of caring for an elderly family member. This program can help homeowners that want to protect their assets from the high cost of nursing homes and other expenses for older family members.  However, there are certain Medi-Cal eligibility requirements that need to be met first.

Requirements and Eligibility

Like many state-funded programs, residents of California, Medi-Cal eligibility requirements need to be met before being able to reap the benefits of the financial assistance. The Medi-Cal eligibility income limits are what determine your ability to receive aid. Finding a law firm that specializes in Elder Law, is suggested as they can work with you in keeping your eligibility for Medi-Cal. Medi-Cal Navigators can advise you as to how to best manage your money. Without this council, a gift or transfer alone can costs your penalties or your Medi-Cal coverage altogether.  Finding an Navigator who specializes in this field is the first step towards Medi-Cal eligibility. California residents can breathe easier knowing their family is taken care of.

Helping You to Help Yourself

If you’re a California resident and you or your family needs financial help to cover nursing home costs, then Medi-Cal can be a good way to go. However, it is crucial to have the best understanding of the Medi-Cal eligibility requirements California has in place. A small financial misstep while checking your Medi-Cal income eligibility can disqualify you for assistance. Some people have even disqualified themselves by thinking they made too much, therefore don’t bother with the application.

Should you find yourself in the position where you’re not sure if you qualify or need help in any step of the way, you have options. Certain law offices and practices have a considerable understanding of Medi-Cal eligibility criteria. These offices can help you every step of the way, including the entire Medi-cal eligibility verification process, which can make or break your chances of getting approved.

If you are having a hard time covering the costs of proper care, whether it be a nursing home or other medical expenses, consider consulting with an Estate Planner or an Medi-Cal navigator who specializes in the Medi-Cal, California eligibility requirements.  Get the help you and your family needs, today and stop worrying about how to afford tomorrow.

Helping You Pay for Long-Term Care

Nursing home costs are extremely expensive and can quickly drain a family's financial resources. However, there are public benefit options that can help pay for some or all of a family member's long-term care.

Medi-Cal is California's version of the federal Medicaid program. Our Los Angeles Medi-Cal eligibility lawyer can determine whether you qualify for these important benefits. If you are not initially eligible for Medi-Cal, we can work on a plan that may help you become eligible.

Helping You Understand Medi-Cal Qualifications

Our firm has extensive experience with the Medi-Cal application process. In order to qualify for Medi-Cal, your income and assets must not exceed the limit set by state law. Even if you do not qualify for Medi-Cal on paper, there are options, such as a trust, that may help you meet the eligibility requirements. We will work closely with you to determine if there are any estate planning options that will protect your assets while making it possible to qualify for these important benefits.

Dedicated To Preserving Your Assets

We keep ourselves informed regarding any changes to the law. This allows us to provide a thorough evaluation of your financial situation and explain which assets may be exempt. We can also help you look further down the road with our Medi-Cal planning and Medi-Cal asset protection services.

Our team will help guide you through the extensive application process every step of the way.